Specialized Projects

TCI will always commit to our customer base to bring the best to the job. 

TCI handles, hazmat coverage no matter the hazardous waste.

TCI handles that emergency shipment whether by contracting the Vargo Van, Straight Truck/Bobtail, or the 53' Trailer. 

TCI handles projects where you encounter the need for last minute warehouse space for short or long term storage. Relabeling or Redelivery.

TCI handles your appointment scheduling and coordinating the timely pickup to meet that critical appointment made without incurring additional charges due to missed appointments and storage. 

TCI's carrier base allows TCI to assign the right carrier for the right job.

When Shipping your partial shipment of value where you simply can't afford to take the risk of damage by the LTL industry resulting in a claim where your payment is only pennies compared to actual value!

TCI's carrier coverage is a minimal $100,000 per BOL. 

TCI also offers additional coverage if needed.