Ground Services

With TCI's 10,000 plus Ground Carrier base, TCI is able to select and bring to you the best for the special needs you confront.

TCI will simply your truck shipments, expedited shipments, or your LTL/Partial shipments, assigning them to the best carrier for the job. 

TCI's Partial program offers a claim free solution; simply, shipper loads and consignee unloads. No more putting up with the numerous handling and transferring of your shipment. 

You can now feel confident in knowing that the last person to touch the freight before delivery was the shipper. 

When Shipping your partial shipment of value where you simply can't afford to take the risk of damage by the LTL industry resulting in a claim where your payment is only pennies compared to actual value!

TCI's carrier coverage is a minimal $100,000 per BOL. 

TCI also offers additional coverage if needed.