Domestic Shipping

TCI has under contract over 10,000 carriers, from large mega fleets to the small owner operator. Each offering their own specialized service. 

TCI only uses and contracts A + B rater carriers; This allows TCI to bring you the cream of the crop. Your benefit is improved service, professional drivers means minimal claim exposure. This allows TCI to provide proactive reporting of shipment status, delivery and proof of delivery via phone, fax, or email. 

TCI allows you to be freed from the time consuming shipment management. You are now free to work other projects with confidence. 

When Shipping your partial shipment of value where you simply can't affourd to take the risk of damage by the LTL industry resulting in a claim where your payment is only pennies compared to actual value!

TCI's carrier coverage is a minimal $100,000 per BOL. 

TCI also offers additional coverage if needed.